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baaa-add… very bad indeed

I’ve been chatting with Kristy Gardener, the force behind a blog I enjoy called Gastronomical Sovereignty on and off this year. I love Kristy’s ideas for reaching beyond the computer screen and creating a living breathing community of actual people who care about things like good food and sustainable living. Oh, and did I say wine?

What do I mean by reaching beyond the blog? Well, check out Kristy’s Send Something Good – how would your day be looking if you found a surprise package like that in your mailbox?

Anyway, I’m American and Kristy is Canadian. From what I can gather, it seems our two countries have much in common when it comes to industrial food systems, government regulation and frustrated citizens.

Since the main work on my farm is raising heritage breed cattle, there are several smash-ups between government and heritage breed livestock that I find pretty worrisome on two counts: first that they actually happened at all, and second that most people have heard so little about them.

I’m posting on Kristy’s blog today, so come on over and see what’s keeping me awake at night…

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4 comments on “baaa-add… very bad indeed

  1. Tammy
    August 25, 2012

    On my way over to see what you’ve got for us today!

  2. The Sugarlump
    August 26, 2012

    Hey there!

    I nominated you for the Addictive Blog Award. Please find the link to your blog here:

    Best wishes!

    • Auburn Meadow Farm
      August 27, 2012

      Hi Emily,
      Thank you so much – what a great compliment! You have an addictive sort of blog yourself…

      I struggle quite a bit with getting my projects done especially at this time of year, so please don’t be disappointed if I don’t get the “homework” done in a timely fashion.

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