You say you want to eat real, un-processed food that doesn’t come in bright, shiny man-made packages? 

Well, I’m glad to hear it, but kind of surprised.  Surprised because that’s not what your food dollars have been saying about you.

Your food dollars are saying you love  flavorless battery poultry raised in hellish conditions and pumped with antibiotics.  And bacon from pigs forced to spend their lives in tiny boxes with no chance to be pigs.  And bland, squishy steak from cows crammed into feedlots living lives of boredom, stress and fear.

The dollars say you like your cheese and yogurt with a heaping helping of imported milk protein concentrate and you’ll buy all the designer corn Monsanto can make.


Your dollars are telling me you think safe, nutritious, chemical free food is a low priority; you don’t have time to change your ways. You’re way too busy for good food.  Really. That’s what those two-faced dollars are saying about you.

OK.  I’m kind of making fun. But that’s because I don’t believe those dollars. I’m betting those dollars of yours are misinformed.  I know once you taste what you’re missing, you’ll be eager to help those dollars make better choices.  Not just because it’s the right thing to do in a hair-shirt sort of way;  you’ll want to because real food brings you pleasure and joy.

How do we eat?  Nothing freaky, simply a shift in thinking. We eat what we have, keep our minds open to new (and old) ideas, stretch ingredients over several meals, and aren’t ruled by time consuming menu plans. We base meals on thrifty, simple ingredients raised close to home. No extremes, less meat of higher quality and a few extravagances offset by the economy of eating what’s in season.  And, we rock the freezer.

I know it’s a little scary at first because real food doesn’t usually offer double coupon deals and two for ones.  And you have to figure out new systems and habits which slow you down at first.

But trust me about this: real food returns the love with a whole slew of different rewards like amazing flavors, increased nutritional value, improved health, better animal welfare, healthier soil and a stronger local economy.


In fact, once you’ve got your real food groove on, you’ll be hooked. So much so, I’m betting the farm on it. Literally.

The more I learned about our corporate system of agriculture, food and pharmaceuticals, the more I realized unprocessed, raw foods are in danger of being forgotten altogether.  That would be a real shame, because these are the food experiences people talk about forever because they are so memorable.

Good food and healthy farms are an important part of quality of life. Everyone says they want to be sure they’re not lost.  But if you really mean it, it’s time to walk your talk because non-industrial food is in some real danger.  And once these forgotten flavors, traditions and genetics are gone, they’re gone forever.


We hope to entice you to get active about food and farming. You can do it, you have time and it doesn’t cost an arm & a leg.

While it may not always feel true in these contentious times, we still have choices and power over the future. Conscious consumers are winning small victories against harmful corporate practices every day. Be encouraged, and re-commit to making real food choices a possibility for everyone.  Now is not the time for apathy and complacency.


We want to help you explore those choices and encourage you to enjoy the most vibrant, affirming alternatives.  Learn more about how we can help you find your real food groove;  head over to about us….