Oh man, do we love pickled eggs. What a great pantry staple to have ready for a quick, satisfying protein source.

Be sure to take special care with the source and cooking of your eggs – good eggs make all the difference between a delicacy and a barroom dare.

3 dozen farm fresh eggs
6 hot peppers – I keep roasted mixed peppers in the freezer and use these, but use any variety and quantity you enjoy or eliminate altogether.
6 large carrots, peeled and sliced on the bias into 1/2 inch pieces
4 teaspoons crab boil spice mix – I use Old Bay
8 cups cider vinegar – I take care to use store bought indicating 5% acidity
2 Tablespoons whole black peppercorns
6 medium bay leaves
4 Tablespoons kosher salt
12 medium garlic cloves, peeled

  1. Hard Boil and peel eggs, set aside
  2. Prepare sterilized jars & lids – 1 quart should contain 1 dozen eggs – I prefer to use wide mouth pint jars; 3 dozen eggs fits in 7 – 9 jars.  Make sure jar openings are not chipped or cracked; a smooth surface is needed to form a safe seal.  Wash in hot, soapy water, rinse well, then boil for ten minutes before filling. I sterilize my jars first, then store in a 220 degree F oven until I’m ready to fill them. Lids are also washed with hot soapy water, and placed in a small saucepan & boiled gently
  3. Bring to a simmer all other ingredients, cooking until carrots are tender-crisp about (15 minutes)
  4. Remove from heat and allow to steep for about 15 minutes – discard bay leaves, separate carrots, peppers & garlic and strain liquid.
  5. Fill jars evenly with eggs, carrots, garlic cloves & peppers. (Each pint jar will hold about 4 – 5 eggs) Be sure to leave 1/2 inch space between top of liquid and the lid (headspace)
  6. Wipe rims with a clean rag, place lids and secure with rings, making sure not to over-tighten.
  7. Store in refrigerated space 2 – 4 weeks before opening. Refrigerated, these eggs will keep for months.