Our Ruby and her newborn heifer

Our poor Ruby. It’s been so hot and the flies this year aren’t ordinary flies – they’re superflies!

Ruby’s been heavily pregnant for forever it seems, her udder and belly growing more swollen each day.

Usually good-natured and upbeat, I don’t think Ruby would mind my telling you she has been a little cranky lately.

Oh, she’s always sweet to us, but look

Hello, hello!

Ruby's pretty new baby girl

out any lower ranking Lady who gets in

Ruby’s way. Mostly Ruby’s gentle sister Sally.

Thank Goodness for Sally, look what I found this morning at breakfast….

Our Love 'em & Leave 'em Rocco

I also want to be sure to thank our first time dad Rocco for his contribution to this wondrous event.

Of course Rocco, rake that he is, is too busy chasing after his newest Lady Sprite to be bothered with any messy duties of fatherhood.

But that’s ok, Ruby has everything under control. She’s a great mom.

After our struggles with little Spritzer, glad to see this one's already a Hoover!

Being born is tough business - curling up for a nap