“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he created mothers.”

-Jewish Proverb

I always worry about jinxing myself when I make large statements like this, but we have been so fortunate with our new mothers.  Being a new herd, most of my cows are having calves for the first time.

It truly is amazing – how DO they know what to do?  But so far, they all have.  Oh sure, we had bits of confusion here & there, but honestly, they’re all old pros now.

I scoured my photo files and still, there are a few important Ladies missing.  My apologies to those not present – it’s not lack of love or beauty but opportunity.  Let’s admit it, some of you girls are just hams and some of you are not.

Thanks Moms be you two-legged or four!

Happy Little Group, 2010

Best Friends Success & Zay Become First Time Mothers Together

Zay Loves her Boys... and Boys love Zay

Our Matriarch, Hanna. Hanna is mother to our Hodil, Ruby, Sprite and Hannahbelle

Molly and Rocco called to each other across this field for nearly a week until finally Molly lost her voice. Now, before you think I ripped them apart too soon - they were together until Rocco was over 6 months old. They're both REALLY loud and bossy talkers....

Typical Molly and Rocco - always some pose or another....

Hannah & Hannabelle - how cute is this? Hannah is such a proud mother.... this is Hannahbelle's second day

Ruby & her first baby, Regina. Regina is about one hour old....

Zay and Axel share a private moment....

Zig loves his sweet mom Success....

Bling & her first calf Little Bess... Bling's such a happy Mom

Femme and her first calf, Fannie. Lucky Fannie - Femme loves being a Mom!

And, a new favorite thing for me,  it’s Simple Lives Thursday!  This great blog  rounds up a collection of great ideas for creating and enjoying a simplified, less industrialized life each Thursday.  Check it out here – lots of fun surprises!