Our Beautiful Molly

Molly just doesn’t get it.  She hasn’t figured out that she’s a staid matron of 8 years old.  Huge and ready to burst any minute with calf, we introduced her to her nieces yesterday and look what a silly girl she is!

In spite of her cumbersome condition, Molly romped and played like a young girl. We can learn lots about enjoying life from Molly…. she’s such a character I could watch her all day.

Those Crazy Kids!

If you ever want to know what Zen looks like, you need to see Molly eat.

Molly was recently selected to be a covergirl. She’s very pleased, but taking it all in stride.  Lawrence Gilley, the tireless promoter of Milking Devons has a really nice café press store with lots of great Milking Devon items.

Covergirl Molly

He recently selected Molly to feature on a mug.

Of course we’ve already bought a complete set; we’re not proud or anything.