You'll miss me when I'm gone!

You’ll miss me when I’m gone!

Lots of people are grumbling about hating winter, but not me.  Oh sure, I get cranky when things break, freeze, need shoveled out and de-iced.  But I love winter’s darker beauty too.

We modern folk have forgotten the importance of incubation and dormancy.  We don’t make time for the deliciousness of mystery anymore. Making us miss her lavishness is part of Nature’s spell and she will not be rushed. She needs her beauty sleep to rest up for the exhausting work of spring, summer and fall.

Winter is the season of reflection and restoration; the time for dreaming, planning and preparing for the year ahead.   The days grow short and dark and people and animals hole up. We withdraw into our warm, soft cocoons of macaroni and cheese, fluffy blankets and flannel sheets.

Yes, many days are pure drudgery filled with freezing, discomfort and inconvenience.  Tempers shorten and the bulky wardrobe gets tiresome.  About the time we think we can’t handle one more day, it gets worse. A few more weeks of miserable, icy, wet sloppiness.

Then, the early signs! The days grow slightly longer, then the first tiny icy flowers followed by the first Robin of the year – how welcome is that little bird?  Anticipation is very exciting stuff. We should savor it more often…..

And so it goes, year after year.  One season follows the next in a perfect circle, just like it always does.  Count on it.

Every mile is two in winter.                                                                                                                     – George Herbert