Our Beef

A nature-centric, environmentally focused way of sourcing ingredients has always been our aim, and procuring meat as a share of the entire beast is a kinder, more affordable, sustainable, and frankly joyful approach. Our dry-aged, Devon beef is sold by the quarter, half, and whole beef. We also offer the option of two smaller boxes, filled with a mix of burger, steak, and roasts to approximate an eighth (40 pounds) and a sixteenth share (twenty pounds) if a quarter is just too much.  At this time, individual beef cuts are not available.

Here at Auburn Meadow Farm, I am raising environmentally beneficial cattle, at a soil-healthy scale, in a way that provides peaceful, natural lives ideally suited to Pennsylvania seasons and soil.  Animals fatten at their own pace on native grasses and dry grass hay, they live in natural family groups, enjoy a varied terrain, freedom to roam, social lives, and shade. Calves stay with their moms for the first year, herds are not shuffled and resorted, or moved through multiple off-farm finishing locations – and in return, they help us regenerate the soil of this land. 

Our old fashioned British cattle are rare, and take longer to finish, but build a flavor unlike any supermarket beef. They are born here, their mothers were born here, we are deeply attached and  I owe them my best. This is not simply a business for me, their welfare and the soil of this farm are a mission, a calling, and a bond.  We use no herbicides, pesticides, hormones, routine antibiotics, or vaccines – we keep a very closed herd and low stocking density to keep the herd clean, dry, and reduce exposure to outside animals. 

I am processing beef just twice this year, late summer, and late fall. Reservations are open now, and as in pre-COVID days, farm subscribers get first notice on all new offerings. Orders are processed first come, first served, and supplies are very limited. I say this not to create false urgency or hype, just it is unexpected to determinedly keep a business small, and it does happen that we run out. We do not buy cattle in from other farms to fill orders. 

If that sounds good to you, and I certainly hope it does, get on our beef list here. Without you, none of this can continue. It takes a village to work around the commodity food system, but we are doing it 

In addition to the beef, we currently have pork, pastured eggs, and we love to talk about food, so if those things are your jam, consider joining us anyway. Together let’s figure out how to do food kinder and  better.