special buttery, tender chops juicy enough to grill

I never understood the big fuss about pork chops. How can a colorless, dry hunk of jaw-tiring chewiness with a gristly bone attached possibly be the centerpiece of one of America’s favorite Sunday suppers? And the roasts are good enough, but it’s really all about the pork flavored sauerkraut over mashed potatoes isn’t it?

Then I had my first pastured heritage breed pork. Now it all makes sense. Heritage breed pork is not at all the same.  Rosy, juicy, succulent, fork-tender; in other words, completely unlike the commercial pork I knew. Not even the same food group – truly.


Turns out that just as with beef, traits that make livestock efficient in commercial production are ones that also strip the meat of it’s character and unique vitality. We’ve been distracted by all that “other white meat” business, but fortunately that’s slowly changing.

Auburn Meadow Farm pigs live the varied lives they deserve full of games, back rubs, deep straw bedding, fresh air and good company. They play, root, enjoy all sorts of tasty things to eat and have names. And naps. Lots and lots of naps. Pigs love snuggling like sausages into the deep straw for a good snooze.

The pigs are allowed to grow at their own pace, with no antibiotics or hormones to speed things along. As with the beef, my farm is small and I only raise the number of pigs that enhance my land. Pork is available on a seasonal basis, and when it’s gone, it’s gone ’till next time.

It’s true, all this does make them a bit more expensive to raise, but once you’ve had those chops, you’ll understand.

Is that the kind of pork you’re looking for?  Glad to hear it. 

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