is she The One? rustic apple-pumpkin pie

can you Guess which photo I took myself?  photographer Annabelle Breakey and food Stylist Karen Shinto put me to shame with their work in Sunset Magazine which is where I found this recipe. Of course I had to substitute my all time favorite butter crust recipe, because I just do, that’s why. Make it yourself and you’ll understand…


You know, The One to wow your friends with at Thanksgiving. May-be.

This pie is more Rheese Witherspoon/Jennifer Garner than J-Lo. It’s beautiful in a comfortable, likable, companionable way that doesn’t threaten or challenge your eaters. Rustic Apple-Pumpkin pie needs no entourage; she will carry her own bag, thank you very much.

I know I’m odd – I like apple pie, but I don’t LOVE apple pie. I think it’s because usually, it’s just too apple cinnamon-ey which is just not my fave.  The addition of roasted pumpkin strips to this pie pushes the apple sweetness into richness without tasting pumpkin-ey.  And, the brown sugar and bourbon or rum keeps it sweet and spicy, but in a slightly different way than typical apple pie.

Whoops – is it a spoiler alert if you call it after you’ve already spilled the beans? Check out the printable recipe here. 

If you’ve been reading for any time at all, you know I am a fan of the rustic pie – galette in fancy-foodie speak.  No pie plate requiring a return, interesting and unique presentation, and best of all, the ability to add liquids after the baking is complete.

Why would I want to do that? If you love intensely rich fruit flavor, and dislike gelatin-ey, tapioca-ish thickened fillings, a rustic pie allows you to use the magic of maceration and reduction to make your filling unlike any other.

Don’t let me wander off topic with the dreamy maceration/reduction talk. If you want more of that, go here.  This particular pie doesn’t require either – I’m just saying that for many pies made with juicy fruits, the maceration/reduction one-two punch is the reason I favor the rustic open crust approach.

Of course this is all part of pumpkinpalooza 2012 where I use up the New England Pie pumpkins I grew myself and figure out whatever to do with all that puree….

is it bragging if i say myself it was plate-licking good?


I know you have a favorite pie made with pumpkin. You don’t want to hold out on us do you? Come on, tell us about it please…