good food from home

Auburn Meadow Farm is a small, regenerative farm, dedicated to the craft of raising extraordinary food.

Rare Breed Registered American Milking Devon Cattle are the backbone of our farm.

This farm was born because because ethically raised food is really, REALLY important to me. And, because as I explored our broken food and farming systems, I had lots of burning whys that books and Google simply could not answer.

Why can’t food be raised without chemicals and synthetic inputs?

Why do animals have to be housed in factories and denied the pleasure of sunshine and freedom?

Why does food have to be made in factories and filled with chemicals?

Do we really have to grow enough food to “feed the world”?

Why are we spending so much time, money and resources to grow more, then throwing nearly 40% of that food into landfills?

Can changes in farming slow or reverse the impact of global warming?

Since water supplies are dwindling, can we grow food and change our diets to help not only conserve, but replenish water supplies?

Is it possible to step outside of the commodity system that is slowly strangling our family farms?

And other whys like that. Yes, I started by raging against the system. 

Snoring pile O’piglets. Our hogs are a direct cross of two old-fashioned farmstead breeds

But our work isn’t mad. Just the opposite, we are all about love for our Pennsylvania home, the joy extraordinary food and simplicity brings, and the celebration of restoring our land and agrarian culture.

It is still a huge struggle, birthing a farm.  Each year we live on the brink of it being our last, and it is far from butterflies and rainbows. If it interests you, our daily slog is something I share a lot of on the blog and Instagram.  Not just to tell our story, but by telling our story, we are speaking also for many small, independent farms who toil in silence.

Your farmers need to know you stand with them. Though we have forgotten, food doesn’t come from the store, and it is hard to imagine, but all those bedazzled packages started as a seed on some farm, some where. 

Small farms like Auburn Meadow Farm are not quaint, or precious. Instead, they are valuable sources of soil restoration, innovation, and experimentation desperately needed in this time of climate uncertainty. Nothing produces more quantity or quality of food per acre than a well run diversified farm.

I can’t imagine a less secure system for a safe, reliable national food supply than to place all of our “eggs” in a very few, genetically identical plants and animals crowded into unnatural, high-maintenance systems.

Toulouse geese, a heritage breed from France, perfect for grazing and protecting our chickens.

Let’s build a community around the joys of good food. 

Of course, in the end, the future of farming is in your hands. It is not what you say you value, but what you actually purchase that shapes tomorrow’s food choices. And by looking at the way you cook and shop in a new way, you will realize that you can afford better food, and you do have time. And the reward is joyful, and connects you to your home in a deep way.

It may not always feel true in these contentious times, but we do have choices and power over our future. Conscious consumers are winning small victories against harmful corporate practices every day. Be encouraged, and re-commit to making healthy, restorative, extraordinary food choices a possibility for everyone.

We hope to help you explore those choices and encourage you to enjoy the most vibrant, affirming alternatives. Join us by subscribing to our blog, or join our email list for the latest news and offerings.  We are small and plan to stay small,  so when it’s gone, it’s gone ’till next year.

We favor old-fashioned farmstead breeds known for their flavor, hardiness and ability to forage.

If that sounds like your kind of food, read on.